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Hunters For The Hungry

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Members interested in working on this project should e-mail Mike Potts at

The scope of this program can and should include canned food drives and clothing drives. Especially winter coats and clothing for children. If you are unable to head a program in your area but have a donation, please email Mike. Thank you and God bless.

We have many needy groups who are able to put any food clothing or donations of charity into the hand of those who need it.

We are working with local chambers of commerce in several cities to get put on donor list.

We have aligned are club with the Multnomah, Clackamas, and working on Washington county to offer are help where they think it best served.

Please step up and help your community GOOD, GODLY and often overlooked grass roots effort are VERY effective and MIRACLES to those in need..

So make a difference get involved help someone they are out there in all are areas, remember their are neighbors step up and make them no what it means to be are neighbors in this great LAND.




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