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  • Oregon State Director

Mike Potts

Portland, OR

  • Central OR Area Director

Guy Evans

Bend, OR


  • OR Coast Area Director

Kent Henthorn

Hebow, OR


  • National NW Region Director

Jeff Christensen

Bothell, WA

  • Mt hood area 


Larry Bennett

Your name here if

you would just step up and get involved


if you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem


  • National Director

Larry Pollack

Chillicothe, IL

Portland area director

Michelle ,Brad Dodge

I pledge to respect, protect & conserve our life-giving renewable resources of America. I give my solemn word of honor to educate every person I can to the value of nature & the wild ground that provides us our quality air, soil & water, through our hunting heritage as the very connection to the wild we so cherish. I promise to never take for granted my American Constitutional rights, or our direct relationship with the animals & to actively promote our essential duty to protect & further both.


1. Enjoy yourself, live it up, have fun!
2. Abide by all laws and regulations governing the states and provinces of our designated hunting area, living a code of ethics honorable to our sport.
3. Insist on and practice utmost safety rules.
4. Abide by the rules of fair chase, always giving the game the benefit of the doubt, never pursuing while restricted by topography, water, deep snow or constricted by limited fence.
5. Conduct ourselves with manners and consideration for all others, refusing to tolerate drugs and misuse of alcohol, both in the field and out.
6. Strive diligently at our sport, with the legal equipment of our choice, to maintain a proficiency and accuracy to optimize quick, humane kills.
7. Follow up on all shots, persevering to eliminate the loss of any animal.
8. Responsibly utilize the products of the game we harvest, appreciating the God-given flesh, hide, bone, horn and antler, with respect and dignity.
9. Share the wonderment of the outdoors with others, especially the young, in word and action, signing up members at every opportunity.
10. Go beyond the call of duty in policing the ranks of outdoorsmen and women, never accepting or allowing abhorrent, illegal or detrimental behavior from others.
11. Put more into the wild than we take out, assisting in habitat conservation and helping at every opportunity.
12. Pick up after inconsiderate people and keep the wild litter-free.
13. Be ultimately conscientious of the wildlife, and restrict our bag even more than the law demands when the animals need the help.
14. Stand strong and proud, with action, letters and phone calls in defiance of ignorant people, who wish to force their mistakes on society and wildlife, in detriment to all.




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